What conditions can Chiropractic care help?

Dr. Wagner cares for patients of all ages, with a variety of health conditions. The most common reasons adults seek out chiropractic care include back pain, neck pain and headaches, but the benefits of chiropractic reach far beyond the quick pain relief that patients often feel after an adjustment. Because those spinal joints that frequently cause discomfort also house a big part of the nervous system (the spinal cord and nerves), patients also often notice improvements in seemingly unrelated symptoms.

If you are curious about chiropractic care for infants and children, see the next question!

Why would infants and children need to be seen by a Chiropractor & how soon can a baby be adjusted after birth?

Let’s start with infants… When you take into consideration the tight quarters in-utero, the contraction-filled descent down the birth canal, and the assistance often provided in the form of either pulling, rotating, forceps, vacuum, or even C-section, it is hard to imagine that sweet little spine emerging from the womb unscathed! Following delivery, infants are often spending an abundance of time confined to carriers, swings and car seats which is problematic for a developing musculoskeletal system. Small spinal misalignments can cause discomfort and dysfunction that show up in the form of excess crying, not sleeping well, preferring the head turned to one side, flat spots on the head, amongst many other symptoms.

It is never too early to have your baby checked and adjusted! Dr. Wagner is specialized in the care of the pediatric spine, and has adjusted many babies within their first few days of life. Oftentimes, our office is the first stop on the way home from the hospital! Chiropractic care for your infant is incredibly gentle, and looks nothing like care given to an adult. Demonstrations on a baby doll of all evaluation and treatment procedures will make you feel at ease and confident about the care that will be provided for your infant. With her extensive training and full certification in pediatric chiropractic, you can rest assured that your baby is in expert hands with Dr. Wagner.

On to toddlers and children… The rapid growth and development period continues in toddlers and children, making spinal alignment and function especially important. Oftentimes, kids are not very easy on their bodies; learning to walk, tumbling, and falling from heights can cause a multitude of musculoskeletal concerns. On the contrary, a sedentary lifestyle filled with electronic devices and prolonged poor postures is also a common culprit of spinal dysfunction.

Spinal check ups following the bumps and bruises, in addition to regular checkups throughout the year help ensure proper joint function through the stages of growth.

How do I choose which Chiropractor to see?

This is such an important question to ask! Just like any realm of healthcare, you want to put some time and energy into finding the best fit for you and your family. Ask your friends and family for recommendations. Ask fellow moms and dads that you know who they trust with their family’s care. The great news is, there are A LOT of options locally, and we all practice a little differently. If you choose to give Dr. Wagner a try, you can be sure that she will provide you with expert care that is customized specifically for you. If you are seeking symptom-driven care, she will provide care when you need it to help you meet your pain-relief goals. If you prefer wellness or preventative care, she will give you recommendations for a conservative treatment plan to keep you feeling and functioning your best.

How often should a person see a Chiropractor?

The answer to this question is dependent on many factors, so it is difficult to give a one-size-fits-all answer! Is your goal pain relief or wellness/prevention? Are you an active person who exercises and eats well or are you
more sedentary with a mediocre diet? Do you have a history of major illness or trauma? All of these things (and so much more) play a huge role in how you will respond to chiropractic care, or any type of care for that matter. You can feel confident that Dr. Wagner will help you with whatever your goals for care may be, whether you just want to eliminate pain, or you choose to come in periodically for wellness checkups.

Does health insurance cover Chiropractic care?

In many cases, yes! As a general rule, if chiropractic care is included in your health insurance plan, care is typically covered for visits related to musculoskeletal symptoms such as pain or dysfunction in the spine and extremities.

Wellness or maintenance care, and care supporting non-musculoskeletal complaints such as ear infections, digestive problems, etc. are not typically covered by health insurers.

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